The AHPBA was formed in 1998 as an association within the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA). The intention was to create a multi-disciplinary group to further the practice of HPB medicine and surgery. Successful activities of the AHPBA included organising several meetings, usually in association with the Australian Gastroenterology Week (AGW), and facilitating an overseas fellowship (The Paul MacMaster Fellowship). The group also had dialogue with government through participation in MSAC committees.

In April 2005, the Association was reformed outside the GESA. The Australian New Zealand Hepatic, Pancreatic and Biliary Association Inc was registered in early 2006. The Secretariat is currently based in Adelaide.


• To achieve the highest standards and outcomes in the treatment of patients with HPB disorders by applying evidence based and multidisciplinary principles
• To provide comprehensive education and training in HPB surgery
• To encourage research and innovation in HPB disorders and translate these findings to clinical management
• To provide and maintain the highest standards in professionalism and ethical integrity
• To encourage interaction of personnel and other specialty organisations with HPB interests through fostering collaboration and sharing of knowledge and ideas

Four Pillar Objectives

Four pillars group together the main activities and objectives of the Association:

1. Training & Education

  • Ongoing education and professional development of all health practitioners involved in the care of patients with HPB disorders

2. Research

  • Promote a culture of enquiry and facilitate research opportunities

3. Standards & Quality

  • Promote the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behaviour.
  • Advocate and facilitate appropriate guidelines and standards in management of HPB disorders.

4. Advocacy & Representation

  • To be identified as the expert representative body for health practitioners involved in the care of patients with HPB disorders.

The reach of each of these four pillars extends to SET Trainees, Fellows, Surgeon & Associate Members, as well as the Community and Patients.

General Objectives

  • Ensure financial stability of the AANZHPBA by efficient and effective strategies
  • Increase membership by improving benefits to members through effective communication and available e-resources by a web based program
  • Continue to improve the standards and accreditation of the HPB Fellowship Training Program
  • Support professional and leadership programs for HPB fellows
  • Develop credentialing guidelines for HPB surgical procedures
  • Encourage and financially assist basic and clinical research in HPB disorders
  • Foster relationships with other organisations having mutual interests and objectives
  • Further develop and promote the specialty practice of the discipline within Australasia
  • Organise further education activities
  • Promote multidisciplinary engagement
  • Organise fellowships and other post-fellowship training opportunities
  • Promote, and potentially coordinate, research (particularly clinical)
  • Interact with government and professional organisations
  • Construct and publish clinical guidelines
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